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Micah Bentley


Indie singer/songwriter, Micah Bentley, released his first single "My Heart Beats Fast" in 2004 that got him on the map of the local AZ music scene, opening for bands like Mutemath and The Format. He released his EP "The Impossible" right before joining AZ rock band A Change of Pace as their frontman until the band disbanded in 2011 where he then moved on to release his first solo full length album "Prone to Wander". He spent the next 2 years writing and recording with producer David Bendeth in New Jersey helping develop his sound further as they merged his folk and rock appetites for his EP "Let There Be Light" which included the single "Good Man." Early 2017 he released his most recent EP "Tired Ways" that takes things in a mellow, reflective direction using more falsetto and ambient sounds while conserving the indie rock style he'd always had. Micah is always evolving and pushing his writing to new levels and will continue to as he works on what's next.